Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Proposition

I think I am over the coronavirus or whatever I had.  I did another light workout today, less light than yesterday, and longer, then I took a walk, and I feel fine.  There are consequences to having been sick and isolated and alone for two weeks, though.  I am much slower than I was.  When walk, people pass me.  I am just bumbling along, apparently.  Well, whatever, right?  Everyone will tell you, "At least you're still alive."

My city/county just went into lockdown starting tonight.  I've already been there for two weeks.  This will not end soon, I think, but I've been wrong about most things.  I got out of the market at the bottom and then it boomed again.  It is Trump.  Maybe I shouldn't watch Wolf Blitzer.  Maybe Trump is right.  But I can't put my money on Trump.  Still, I keep losing.  But in one week we've gone from 8,000 to over 80,000 coronavirus cases.  Sure, you say.  That's because we are testing more people.  So riddle me this?  We've gone from 100 deaths to 1,100 deaths in the last week.  Ain't no testing problem there, pal.  We will surpass China in both probably by tomorrow.  Our hospital workers don't have what they need.  We are a third world nation.  Trump didn't listen to anybody, and now we are where we are. . . and Republicans love him more than ever.  His popularity has actually gone up since the coronavirus hit.  That is the country I live in.  You are the people I live with.

I keep betting against Trump, and I keep losing.

I wrote more gym tales today.  I will take a look at what I wrote tomorrow before I let it go.  I'm not enamored of  it.  It's o.k.  We'll see.  It is less intimate than the rest of them will be, I think.  They are going to get better the closer I get to the action.

So I sit alone again tonight.  I will finish watching "The Long Goodbye" which I started last night.  It is a good movie and holds up so well I watch it about once a year.  I will finish that and then something else.

I was wondering something today.  If people were given an offer that they could go to sleep tonight and not wake in the morning, would they take it?  Given the odds that life will end in misery, horror, and pain, would they take the opportunity to sidestep all of that?  It depends on how much fun you are having at the time the offer is made, I know, but still I wonder.  It would be an awfully hard but tempting proposition.

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