Monday, March 30, 2020

Kong in Chains

Look at this, motherfuckers!  I worked for hours on this trying to figure out how to make my images look the way they used to.  This is not a Polaroid, but a Fuji, so it does not have that same look.  But working with the Fuji in Photoshop today, I remembered a lot of forgotten things and learned a few new ones in the bargain.  I did tricks I haven't done for seven years.  But, and here's the cool part, I think I learned something that will let me make digital images look more like this.  I think.  I will try it tomorrow.

"But why?" you might exclaim, "Why would you want your images to look like this?"  Well. . . there's a question, isn't it?  Why, indeed.  I don't know.  A friend of the blog asked me the other day what my intentions were in my photography?  I told her that I could be glib or I could try to be profound, but the simple reason was probably I just do it for the attention.

Of which I'm getting less all the time.

The gym tales have garnered me some compliments, but in the last week, visits to my blog have been halved.  No photographs and poorly wrought tales have done me little good, and I'm posting twice a day.

These bawdy pictures are for the nighttime.  They will surely garner me trouble.

It looks like we will be in lockdown for some time to come.  I'm shocked.  Trump's predictions were wrong.  Still, the market blew up again today.  I can't figure anything in this world out.  But I felt my healthiest in weeks today.  Got up full of energy, or, as they used to say, piss and vinegar.  Did a pretty good workout.  Then had energy to work on pics.  Pic, that is.

But now the Trump Corona is beginning to hit its stride, and we will all be in lockdown for a very long time. My liver will be in a pickle jar if I don't get something else to tame me.  Now that I"m feeling well, I feel like Kong in chains.

Good name for a band.  "Kong in Chains."

Everyone is telling me to read "My Dark Vanessa" by Kate Elizabeth Russell.  Why do my friends associate me with such things?  But I will download it tomorrow and begin.  If you are not familiar, it is a bit of Lolita told from her standpoint.  Fifteen rather than twelve, of course.  An English teacher who seems cool.  Etc.

Why are such things so fascinating?

Alright, O.K.  I'm going to watch some "Tiger King" and nibble a brownie.  Ha!

And then I'll go to bed.

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