Sunday, April 26, 2020

Up and Adam

"Up and Adam."  What do people mean by that?  Is it a reference to the 1st man?  I just have never understood it completely.  I guess it is like rebirth every morning, right?

Just kidding.  My brain is eating itself.  Other than texting, FaceTiming with Q, watching t.v., and reading, all I have is rumination.  I am getting up later every day.  I wake up too early, as usual, but then I lie down again and don't get up until the sun is high in the morning sky.  Days are long.  I watch the clock and wait for bed.

I read two articles today about how Covid-19 is effecting people in places as varied as Hong Kong, New Orleans, and Afghanistan.  Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world in which to live, so many people have subdivided apartments and live in less than 100 sq. ft. of space.  Cells.  Now that the parks are closed, they are stuck inside.  Loneliness.  Madness.  You wouldn't imagine that in Afghanistan, maybe, after all they have already suffered, but they, too, are experiencing much mental illness.  In New Orleans, people say life is like living with Katrina and post-Katrina combined.

I am beginning to believe that the difference between people who are democrats and those who are republicans is the fear of death.  Maybe liberals believe we can defeat it.  Maybe conservatives, like vampires, don't die.

I got a big delivery from the grocery store yesterday.  I remembered to get some wet cat food.  I put the de-worming medicine in it and mixed it up good, then gave it to the cat.  She ate a few bites and quit.  I guess that shit must taste pretty bad.  She didn't come for breakfast this morning.  She will have to live with worms in her gut and fleas on her skin as God intended.  Life isn't supposed to be comfortable and fun if nature has its way.  It is something to be gotten through, something endured.  Eating and sex are the only pleasures nature provides, and now that sex is death, I order more food from the grocery store and more liquor from the liquor store.  But the world's food supply is running out and liquor is not really our friend.  There is only opium and the opium for the masses.

I am thinking of becoming a Dervish.

What joy can I find today, Sunday, a day of rest?  I am thankful for the air conditioning.  I am thankful for functioning plumbing and a refrigerator that works.  I am thankful for cabinets full of food and liquor, for cable t.v. and a computer full of music.  And hell, man, (as Joe Biden, our next president if the #MeToo doesn't get him, would say), if that ain't enough for you, just take a look around!

Yup, I've got it made.  But, as my Jewish Russian Beautician says, you can cry in a Mercedes, too.

Fuck it.  I'm not crying.  I'm just sayin', yo.  Just sayin'.

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