Sunday, August 23, 2020

World of Woe

I'm in the world of tech woe.  A ton of it.  Apparently, I have picked up some malware on my computer.  That is what I've been able to glean, anyway, from perusing the internet.  It began when my search engine always, no matter what I did, no matter what settings I put into place, went straight to Yahoo.  With a little searching, I found this is happening to a lot of people, and though I could not find what I had recently downloaded that caused this problem, I knew it existed.  The solutions to the problem ranged from simple to incredibly complex.

O.K.  Maybe I could live with Yahoo for awhile.

Then yesterday, I started having other problems.  I couldn't update many of my apps, including Adobe.  The update would begin, then get stuck.  I went to the Adobe site and got some recommendations.  I've ended up doing things to my computer that I don't know much about.  What I do know is that my automatic logins to many of my sites are gone.  This morning, I got locked out of the N.Y. Times.  I couldn't log into my email account.  Passwords?  Jesus, I've had so many, I couldn't remember which ones I was using.  But wait!  Thank god the iPhone stores them.

Suddenly, I lost internet.  WTF?  What would life in the Time of Covid be like without internet access?  I turned on the television.  I still had cable.  I shut down my laptop and restarted it.  Internet once again.

I got back three more rolls of film shot with my Hasselblad, and once again, 80% of the pictures are fogged by a light leak.  I was pissed enough to think that I wanted to shoot no more expensive films.  I'm tired of dealing with things.

As I was cooking dinner last night on the outside grill, I fell through one of the deck boards.  Rotten, through and through.  There are several others that need to be replaced as well.  Problem: they are 16 foot long boards.  Getting a few of them here will be expensive.  Why did I use 16 foot boards?  I'm stupid, that's why.  Using two 8 foot boards would have been a quarter of the cost.  It is difficult to get good 16 boards anymore.  I realize now that the farmed trees they use for lumber don't get to live long enough to get really big.  Finding a tree that will give you 16 boards is getting to be very difficult.

I don't really want to work on the decking, but I will have to.  There are a lot of things I don't want to do that sooner or later I will have to deal with.

I think I'm ready to sell the house and moved to a home.  I know why people sell their houses and move into condos when they get old.

Old houses are for young people.  Maybe old cameras, too.

Oh, you can see the light leak on the left side of Buddha.  This photo below is one of the least affected frames, but you can still see a slight fogging on the bottom left.

The weather might be nice for awhile today, but you can never tell here this time of year.  The Weather Channel certainly can't.  They are wrong not just every day, but every hour.  Watching their weather app is like watching the stock market.  Hourly updates constantly change the forecast.  But this morning, the sky was red--take warning goes the old saw.  Whatever I am going to do, I need to do early.  I will probably try to run another roll of film through the Hasselblad using a different back to see if that is the problem.  If not, I have a repair expense on an old camera.

Old houses, old cameras, old people.  They all fall apart.

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