Thursday, September 10, 2020

Adapt or Die


I just deleted about an hour's writing.  I was opining about the problems of our times and the apocalypse that seems to be in the offing.  The world is experiencing rapid change, and it isn't merely social.  The environment is under siege from profiteers, but it is easier to cry about twenty year old deeds and to pursue justice against the dead or dying.  "Crimes" of enticing and eliciting people into making bad personal choices take precedent over corporate crimes that are killing us all.  Social science is easier than science and politics is easier still.  Everything is personalized and is presented as being universal.  We use the tar brush profusely and then wonder why people can't agree.  

But there I go again.  I shouldn't read the papers in the morning before I write.  Perhaps I shouldn't read them at all.  A population of politicized people is simply fodder for profit and corruption.  

God loves a sinner. . . or so they say.  

I can't go on.  

I was going through some old hard drives looking for lost Lonesomeville photos that have come to my attention.  As I've said, my files are a mess.  I found a lot of forgotten things in them, of course, and became distracted.  This photo was taken with the recently sold Hasselblad Xpan.  Makes me wish I hadn't sold it.  Selavy.  The world will never be like that again, anyway.  When we finally come out of our pandemic semi-lockdown, the world will look much different than it did before.  It will smell different and taste different and look different.  There is no going back.  Trying to cling to something is always unproductive.  Adapt or die, I guess.  

Apparently, that is the case (link).  

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