Monday, November 30, 2020

Aged Aquarius


Again, writing at night as Mr. Fixit will be here when the morning comes.  That's what they say.  

Today the new shower was tiled.  I didn't put in a tub.  I listened to my mother and to Mr. Fixit.  Just a shower.  I have a tub in the other bathroom.  I already regret it.  Of course.  I've had sticker shock after sticker shock.  Vanities and glass shower doors.  Holy shit!!!!  I'm upside down and inside out.  

Whatever.  Isn't that what they used to say?

I left Mr. Fixit alone after lunch and began scanning old photographs.  Oh, boy. . . you all are in for the C.S. show coming up soon.  Yup.  All three of you will have to read about ME and MY LIFE.  With pictures!  It is a little bit of coming out of the bat cave.  And did I tell you. . . it is about ME!

The photographs are fascinating. . . to ME.  They are part of MY story.  You'll see.  


I don't care.  I want to show and tell it.  

In the meantime, you can watch this (link).  

I went through the new box of letters I found today.  I read through what my wife had written me and what my uberrich girlfriend before her had.  I hadn't remembered how much they loved me.  Adored me.  Fawned over me.  All I can remember is what I felt.  I will explain it all when I combine the letters and the photographs.  But fuck me. . . I was a lucky fellow.  

Which makes today all the more unpleasant.  But I complained yesterday, so there is no need today.  

Tomorrow is the Full Beaver Moon.  The weather will begin to turn cold here for the first time this autumn.  It won't last long, but it will be fine.  Perhaps it will get rid of the mosquitos.  They still torture me when I sit on the deck.  Perhaps the weather will put them to sleep.  

Alright.  If I have time, I'll write more in the morning.  Until then. . . . 

* * * 

Mr. Fixit arrived at 6:30.  At least that is when he knocked on the door.  He said he had been sitting outside for half an hour.  My days are not my own.  

He told me that starting December 21, we are entering a new Age of Aquarius.  Good for me, he said.  

I heard "Aged Aquarius."  "Ay-jed."  You know, Shakespearean pronunciation.  Now I can't get the loop out of my mind.  

"It is the dawning of the Aged Aquarius, Aged Aquarius. . . ."  

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