Friday, November 20, 2020

For A Little While


I was ecstatic for awhile today.  Here is the message I sent to my friends.

Holy shit!!!! Great lab results!!!! I’m on a cloud!!!!!

Yea.  My lab results came back "excellent."  I had been sitting in the doctor's office expecting the worst.  Why?  Because that is how I am?  Well. . . although I eat well and exercise, my consumption, sometimes, is less than healthy.  

My buddy had been to the cardiologist the day before.  He, too, was tremulous, but his results were fine.  

We will live another day.  

But then I began thinking.  I mean, I still have the cardiac tests coming, and I haven't been to the dermatologist nor the gastroenterologist yet.  Some of my organs seem fine, but there are others.  Besides, my blood pressure was still too high and my doctor upped my dosages.  So there is that.  

And the house, of course.  

Given all of that, though, I was happy.  My mother was as well.  She has been worried.  She said I looked ten years younger.  Worry, etc.  

Two more weeks of testing.  

Remember these?  I didn't.  But evidence has it that my girl sent them to me. 

Circa 1973.  I guess these were same day delivery.  I have several from her.  There are crazy things to remember.  

Mr. Fixit comes back tomorrow.  We will begin, once again, working on the bathroom.  Perhaps we will finish before the maids come next Friday.  I am anxious to have my house back again . I am anxious to get back into my routine.  

I am anxious.  

I want to write about that Terrible Trump bunkered in the White House.  I want to ask Q what drug I should rumor that he is taking.  Ibogaine has been used by Thompson on Muskie.  There must be some internet rumor I can start about Trump's drug use.  I am not as savvy as Q on such things.  He surely can help me come up with a theory.  I, myself, have been considering which drugs might make my latter years more bearable.  There isn't a lot of time to procure and store illegal substances any more.  Whatever it takes, I'd better begin now.  

There are so many letters sitting on my study floor.  I'll never get to all of them.  There are things, though, that simply thrill me.  

I mean. . . what can you say about a girl like that?  

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