Monday, April 26, 2021

Full Pink Moon

 Sorry.  Lousy phone photo.  But I just thought to say. . . . 

I am moon sodden, and a little bit drunk, too. The day started well, and I felt fine.  I had plans to do many things.  After my morning routine, I went to the gym and then to Amazon Whole Foods.  Usually I just go through the isles just to get what I need, but today, I meandered slowly looking at all the products they have.  It felt like the days when we might go to the mall.  I was captivated.  I looked at things I never knew were there.  I felt like Ili who always browsed and found some luxurious thing to bring home.  Strange mushrooms.  Local kimchi.  Moon rocks or some mineral that would unclog your chakras.  Guaranteed.  I bought more than I intended.  And it was fun.  

Then I got into my car.  The a.c. seemed on the blink.  The car is 18 years old now, and though I love it, , . .  Car prices, however, are over the moon right now.  Oh, my.  

Still, it could be a good day.  Then something on the computer.  I needed a password for Apple.  Nothing I tried worked, so I changed it.  After that, my messages no longer populated anywhere but my phone.  Quel damage.  The rest of my plans were shot as I attempted to repair the problem.  

No luck, yet.  

I picked up some Duval Belgian Ale and headed to my mother's.  A neighbor was there.  I was in the company of 90 year olds, but they were up for a drink.  We were having fun.  Then a snake came through the garage.  My mother's neighbor jumped and screamed.  That was the end of a good buzz.  When she left, my mother and I laughed hard but with great sympathy.  

I came home and grilled the massive amount of organic chicken I had bought earlier, enough for a week or more.  I seasoned it and set it to cooking.  I poured some wine.  The kids showed up for dinner.  I cut an avocado and some garlic and opened a can of organic beans.  Dinner on the deck was divine.  The weather is perfect, a cool, steady breeze.  

I cleaned the kitchen, bagged the chicken for the freezer, and poured a whiskey.  I played, once again, a song I put on for my mother.  

What can I say.  I'm a sucker of a romantic.  

Low on whiskey, I made a liquor store run and bought some cigars besides.  Home, I lit one and sat waiting for sunset.  Friends began texting me pictures of the moon.  Soon, I said.  And when the cigar was finished, I grabbed my bag and headed for the lake.  I was right on time.  

Now, as the evening wanes, I will have a final drink and watch something good.  Then it will be time for a full moon bed.  

I hope Queen Mab will be gentle with me tonight.  

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