Saturday, May 15, 2021

Blond Be Gone

 It is art festival time.  I took this photo a couple years ago at the last one before Covid.  I might walk up to the Boulevard today to take a look, but I still have my doubts.  People are being infected with Covid after getting the vaccine.  Oh, they don't die, so much, though there may have been some in the Seychelles who have, but there they are getting less effective Chinese and Indian doses.  

Or so it is reported in the N.Y. Times.  

And, of course, there is the party tonight.  Oddly, I still have the symptoms of a cold or flu, so that is in doubt as well.  Everything seems to be wrong. 

I got "uglified" yesterday.  I am no longer a blond.  I leave all decisions to my beautician, and it seems that once or twice a year, she makes a mistake.  I can't tell you what color my hair is today.  It is the color of a cheap silver wig, maybe.  The cut is bad, too.  This, of course, just as we are allowed to go out.  Oh, I have looked especially lovely all pandemic long.  My little Russian Jew, however, seemed distracted yesterday, and the big cold sore on her lip suggested she had been stressed.  Now I have always been bigger than my hair, and I will make this shit look good, but I am not happy.  I was ready to find out if blond's really do have more fun.  

Feeling punky, last night I made a frozen pizza and topped it with eggs, avocado, and arugula.  Watched the news.  Big mistake.  I can't stand any of it anymore.  Then I switched over to YouTube and watched this (link).  Maybe a mistake, too.  That is how much of the world's population live.  Every Woke kid should get to spend a month or so there just to help enlighten the citizens of the world.  

But I was saving something for the end of the night.  I had one more episode of "Schitt's Creek" left, and that is what I wanted to watch before I went to bed.  There is something wrong with me, I am sure, as the show is supposed to be a comedy, but I can't tell you how many times I teared up watching it these past many weeks.  It is not the show; it is me.  I am a broken thing.  

But it worked.  That is what I dreamed all night long.  God. . . if I had ended the evening with the Hyena Men of Nigeria, what a horror show my night would have been. 

It is a beautiful day, and I have a full schedule.  I should, perhaps, get started, though I am not really up for it.

If only I were blond.  

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  1. oy vey.

    i just made shakuska for me and my buddy lisa - she went clamming this am and brought me some -- both quahogs and steamers. that's hard work and like a good housewife - i had the pan doing its thing just in time for her drop off.

    I added chickpeas, some fresh from my pot parsley - oh man did that smell good while chopping it - lemony grassy. Olives of course - green and black. I toasted up some hearty oat bread. We smoked a morning half joint on the deck while it was finishing. I can't tell you of the day. It makes me weak and wish to faint on the sofa in the distress of it all -

    Where was I?

    Oh. I am hungover. And I got invited to karaoke tonight. Mother needs me to grocery shop -- perhaps tomorrow. I should thrift but I also should just start selling off some of the things in this house. It must be done. But that work is harder for of course - the things you "keep" you covet. it might be a sin - coveting - it is certainly not zen - but i try to truly love with all my might the things i covet. in the best way possible. listen to its energy and voice. it will tell you when and where it should go - if it should.

    did you know that plants have esp.

    you'll be fine. you've got a soul. don't radically change it- someone might pick you up. ;). of course, if one has hair - good hair is something - but only really like super well made buttercream frosting on a well baked cake. Maybe try some hair accessories - a little ponytail pulled from the front - some nice hair clip -- you could stick a little freshly picked flower in there - you know - it is an art show party.

    i'm feeling a little better - maybe - i could head right to the sofa - i'm going to try to rent the beauty with some what is left inside me that is sharp - and be reminded to rid myself of that sharpness and remember every day is a blessing and question myself "what am i to do that is a blessing today?" no matter how small.

    are you the party photographer?