Thursday, May 20, 2021

Seasonal Wine and Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina

 I've become a real party boy, I have.  I've gone to lunch twice in two days up in the old factory town, and I am invited to a get-together there again this late afternoon.  It is the first celebration this factory group has had in over a year.  I have begun to consider going.  My art/travel buddy boarded an airplane for Chicago this morning.  My neighbor, another travel friend, seems to be going someplace all the time. My conservative buddy flies around the country incessantly without a thought.  Still, I have other friends who are not ready to go out around people yet, and that makes sense to me, too.  I am a conservative hippie at heart like the offspring of Jerry Garcia and Ruth Cleaver.  No, no, more like the love child of Ward Cleaver and Gwyneth Paltrow.  Yes, that is much, much more accurate.  

"You know, son, your mother may seem a little whacky at times, but she is a very sweet and wonderful person."  

A little seasonal wine and a candle that smells like a nice vagina.  

Oh, I can see that today's post is going to be real meaningful.  But that is why I posted the picture I did today.  It is the one I truly love.  I haven't printed it out, yet.  I have every intention of doing that today.  Of course, the road to hell is paved with unbought stuffed dogs (link).  

Have you noticed CNN's reversal on the immigration problem?  Now it is a problem.  Oh, those dirty bastards.  What are we going to do?  I'm not sure they are in favor of building a wall yet, but they are now concerned.  Criminals are trying to cross our borders by the thousands.  I remember somebody else saying that.  The problem, though, is that naive romanticists think that everything a bad person says has to be bad.  Logical fallacy.  They like to use language to disguise issues, too, like calling people "Dreamers."  Oh, I've had a bad time with that term since I first heard it.  A phrase or a label can elevate the imagination and cloak real critical thinking.  It happens all the time.  Corporations have gotten very good at it.  But "do-gooders" are pretty adept themselves.  

But there I go again, as Ronald Reagan used to say.  I vowed not to reveal my thoughts on current events any more.  It changes no minds and only serves to irritate and prolong useless debates.  

We'll just leave it to the Supreme Court to decide.  Back alley doctors are already sharpening their razors.  I mean, to every solution there is a problem.  Turn, turn, turn.  The dynamics of the cosmos are immutable.  

OK.  So let's talk about something everyone can agree on.  There ARE UFOs.  Oh, we don't know if life forms are controlling them.  That is what the Times says, anyway.  No proof of aliens.  But UFOs. . . now that's another thing.  

Perhaps I'll start reading my horoscope again, or maybe I'll visit one of those energy vortexes.  Drink the healing clay.  We now know that meditation will make you healthy.  Fucking hippies might have been right about EVERYTHING.  

The Gap's newest ad is for tie dye.  No shit.  I swear to you.  

I may not go to the party today after all.  Group dynamics.  Not sure I'm ready for that unless I take some liquid sunshine.  

But maybe I can fake it.  

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