Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Book and a Drink

 I was determined to go "out in the field" and make photographs with the #13 Black Cat Liberator yesterday.  By the time I was "out there," it was hot.  It was really hot.  It may get hot in the west, but there is a different gravity to the sun here.  It is an actual pressure and can knock you down.  Madmen and Englishmen, as they say, are the only ones to go out in the noonday sun.  

But I did. 

I put everything in the car and headed off on a well-known circuit.  I would stop here and there and make some pictures.  I only had four sheets of film to shoot.  That is all the developing tank will take and that was the number of empty film holders I had.  Simple.  

Except it wasn't.  It was too bright for the camera.  The reason to use this particular camera is that the lens opens up very wide (f2.5--super wide for large format) and gives the images a look that you can't get with other camera/lens combos.  But they don't make film that has a sensitivity to allow that camera to work in bright light.  I tried to find things in shade, wait for clouds, etc.  But it was hot.  Really hot.  I drove and stopped, got out the big camera, put it away, drove and stopped, got out the big camera. . . . And then I gave up.  

I went back to my house and made the drink you see above.  And as I sat outside with it, the UPS truck arrived.  The day had come.  

The book arrived.  The first shock--a white cover.  I hadn't even thought of that as I wasn't given a choice of colors as far as I know.  I, of course, always pictured black.  I will go back and see if I can change that today.  Inside, the images are fine but a little cooler than I would like.  It might be the paper stock.  I am going to upgrade to a matte finish and see if that will make a difference.  I've also decided to edit out some of the photos.  There are too many, and with the book in hand, I can make editing decisions more easily.  I am changing the introduction to the book as well.  

But this is a good start.  The book is 8.5"x 8.5" and is a good size, I think.  I made it square so that all images had the same borders no matter if they were oriented portrait or landscape.  It was a good decision.  

I didn't make the book so that I could have a copy lying around the house, of course.  I made it to send around trying to promote myself to galleries and real book companies.  It is scary and weird, I have to admit.  Very.  

Through the magic of Photoshop, I just made a mock up of what it will look like. 

That's the ticket!  And it should have a linen finish.  When this is done, I will let you know.  Some people have said they want a copy, so I will make it available to any readers who want one.  I won't get any money from it.  It is a souvenir, of sorts, that I will give to those who have been reading the blog, something to take with you when I'm gone.  

If you want. I will give you details when it is ready.  

I didn't get to sit with the book for very long.  It was time for me to hurry back to my mother's to make dinner.  It would not be a Sushi Friday, but that was o.k. I would make something tasty and good and there would be the scotch after dinner.  That would be enough, as they say.  Well. . . Hemingway. . . with irony.  

What I need today is some human to use my camera on.  I need a human.  I haven't any in my life who is not related to me, and I don't wish to be an autobiographer.  So. . . more objects, more things.  Maybe one day I'll make a breakthrough again.  

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