Friday, July 2, 2021

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

David Bailey

I have no time to write today.  I am trying to get my mother ready for her doctor's appointment this morning.  I barely have time to sit down from dawn to dusk.  I didn't know how easy my life was.  I'm not used to doing things and being busy.  This is probably good for me.  I haven't moved this much in a year and a half.  

I don't sleep well, either.  I am sleeping in a horrible bed.  Or not sleeping.  Tossing, mostly.  Waiting for the daylight, a cup of coffee, then back at it.  I need opium like a Coolie.  

O.K. O.K.  My mother is the one suffering, I know.  But if she wants to bitch, she can write her own blog. I am attending to her every need.  I am a good son, I am.  So they say.  I know she hasn't eaten this well in years.  

I've got to run.  It is Friday, and it is a long weekend for you working stiffs.  I'll need to make some sort of party for mom on the 4th.  Hot dogs and potato salad, I think.  Oh. . . and I bought mom a slip on dress so that she can get dressed by herself.  It was the model that did it for me, but mom liked the dress.  Amazon delivers today.  

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