Sunday, November 7, 2021

A Damp, Cold Existence

Cold weather here is damp.  The chill goes straight to your bones.  It seems impossible to get warm.  I know your temperatures are lower, but man, my friends and family from the north come here and freeze this time of year.  It gets drier in the winter and is fine.  But last night. . . I simply could not get warm.  

And the skies were cloudy all day. 

Weather effects my mood disproportionately.  I'm a moody fellow to start with, but I am good at hiding that when needed.  But when the weather turns cold and cloudy and wet, I go to pieces.  My body hurts, too.  

All I can do is wait for the sunshine.  

Sounds like a bad pop song.  

I will need to make soup.  Making and eating soup in this weather helps.  Start with some stew beef, then add cabbage and potatoes and carrots and onions, and let them stew all day.  Then, sometimes, I cheat with frozen vegetables, those mixed kind with all sorts of things that need not cook long.  When I am done, there is far too much soup, but I end up eating it over the next several days.  With good, crusty bread.  

Mmm.  I must make soup.  

But not today.  My mother wants pizza tonight.  So she said.  I don't know.  I may make the soup anyway.  It is a soup day.  We can still have pizza.  I will give her a choice.  She loves my soup.  

That's all I've got.  I have gone nowhere.  I have done nothing.  Nothing has happened to me.  I have no thoughts.  I do what is necessary.  It seems overwhelming.

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