Saturday, April 2, 2022

South of the Border

I ate some shit TexMex food from a chain called Chewey's last night.  It wasn't my call.  I don't eat food from places like that usually, but it was getting late, decisions had to be made, etc.  I feel I've been South of the Border today.  

Don't eat shit food.  

I drank too much, too.  

I guess it began as a Mexican night.  As always, though, I turned to my little brown friend before evening's end.  I need to learn to drink water.  That is what I plan to do today.  Lots and lots of water.  Or coffee.  I'm already on my third cup.  

It has taken me awhile to get to this.  I've been trying to put a video together that is not available on the internet.  Wasn't.  It is now.  I had to give up editing it, though, for time's sake, so there are only a few images in it, but it isn't about the images.  The song.  It kind of reminds me of R.E.M. a bit.  Now it is available for you. 

Let me know if it doesn't play.  

I have no real thoughts today, so I will tell you my plan.  Ili used to make a kind of banana bread that I called "Poop Bread."  It wasn't because it tasted bad.  It was delicious.  I loved the stuff with coffee in the mornings.  It was so much healthier than the loaves I can buy at the grocery stores, even the good ones.  They are too sweet and too full of fat.  She made the bread with oat, almond, and whole grain flours sweetened with maple syrup.  She added flax, too.  The stuff was so healthy and delicious, but it went right through you.  

I have never baked in my life.  Not once, not one thing.  But today, I'm going to make some poop bread.  Maybe.  I need VERY ripe bananas, so I might just be buying the ingredients today.  I looked up some recipes online that seem close.  I've texted my old secretary asking her to send me the recipe if she still has it.  She had requested it from Ili back then, and she's sent it to me twice, but I never save it and never make it.  I promised her that if she sends it to me, I will never ask for it again.  Either way. . . I'm making some Banana Poop Bread.  

It's bound to be a disaster.  

I have no ending for this.  It's all I got.  Enjoy the music, if you can.  

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