Friday, July 22, 2022

Sugar and Spice

I'll keep showing the mistakes because people seem to like them best.  I get it.  They don't look like other things.  Here's another double exposure made a couple days ago.  Flowers and mushrooms.  It looks a bit like Fairyland.  

I found out why I can't get my brand of scotch.  Glenn Fiddich is exclusively distributed by a Russian owned company.  Who would have guessed that?  So. . . I could save a lot of money drinking cheap rum again.  Rum, as all the old sailors knew, mixes with almost anything.  I always believed, however, that cheap rum ate away your innards and single malt scotch was the least hurtful thing you could drink.  I am pretty sure I read that somewhere.  Probably a science or nutrition journal.  Surely. 

Biden has Covid.  Monkey Pox is spreading across the country.  Polio returns to New York.  

My friends say I should travel.  

I read an article today that in experiments with mice, old mice who received blood transfusions from young mice got younger and vice versa.  Yowza!!!!  The whole Vampire thing may be true!  I've always been a youth vampire, but blood has not been part of it.  I am rethinking my plan now.  I need to find a young girl with the same blood type as me.  Maybe a few.  Blood transfusions once a month, perhaps.  

"God, yes. . . my soul for a kitten.  My salvation depends upon it."

I'm not enjoying aging, really.  Nope.  Not much at all. 

There was no rain yesterday for the first time in weeks.  We are lucky to have the rain, of course, when so much of the world is parched.  And, of course, the storms reduce the air temperature quickly.  But yesterday, in the late afternoon, I was able to sit out on my deck with a cocktail and watch the world not go by.  Walking seems to have vanished this summer.  The parade of people strolling by has fizzled.  Still, I got to make a photo of my Campari and soda and send it to my friends.  And there was this. 

A Monarch caterpillar had eaten all the leaves off my milkweed plants.  I should have a cocoon soon.  

"Why don't you just use the camera on your phone?"  Truly.  It is foolproof.  Why am I mucking about with those big cameras anyway?  

I was able to cook outside, so I grilled a kabob to go with the rice and avocado I prepared.  Everything was growing.  Life was in full bloom.  The gardens I planted for my mother are looking great.  She has even taken my suggestion of planting a clove of garlic.  She planted two in pots and one in the ground, and all are growing.  We will have our own organic garlic soon.  Have you checked the price of garlic lately?  This is a real deal.  Ili and I used to grow herbs for cooking.  It is easy.  We had mint (of course--for cocktails) and basil, sage, rosemary, and thyme--like the song.  My favorite, however, was the cilantro.  Gosh, I love cilantro.  

I haven't grown them now for a couple of years.  I think I will begin again.  There is nothing like watching things grow.  

That and the blood of a young girl.  Why a girl, you ask?  I just don't trust boys.  They are dirty and corrupt.  Boys are not nice at all and are not to be trusted.  I want sugar and spice.  

Yup.  That's the cocktail for me.  

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