Friday, August 12, 2022

Full Moon Vaccine

Sante Bermeo

I'm stupid.  Really, really stupid.  I got a Moderna booster shot yesterday.  Since the kids are going back to school, I believe that the Coronavirus will bloom again.  I showed up early in the morning and got the shot.  Then I came home and took a camera out for a long walk.  By the time I got back home, though, I was done for.  I climbed into a hot tub for a soak, showered, and ate.  By afternoon, I was aching all over.  By nightfall, it felt like I had the disease.  

Of course.  What was I thinking getting a vaccine on the last super moon of the year, the Full Sturgeon Moon.  I'm lucky I didn't turn into a Werewolf.  

I took Tylenol and went to bed early, but the Tylenol did no good at all.  I still ache all over.  No fever, just body aches.  

I am supposed to take my car in for a service in a bit.  Usually I walk the five miles back home.  Not today.  I don't even want to move, but I don't feel I can cancel.  I will definitely take an Uber back to my house.  

And then I will crash.  It will be an awful day.  I won't feel like reading.  I certainly won't watch t.v.  I will put on some gentle music and sip healthy teas, I guess, and try to sleep.  

After I got the booster shot, a friend asked me why?  

"They are coming out with a new vaccine that is more effective against the new variants in a few weeks."


Yesterday's full moon was Aquarian and supposed to be good for me.  My love meter should have been off the chart.  Ha!  

I would love to simply stop aching.  

It will pass.  That's what they say, though I keep hearing the oral surgeon tell me, "I know two people who died from the vaccine."

* * * 

Do you think they have him this time?  Do you think Trump would take home top secret papers?  Documents about America's nuke power?  

Of course you don't.  Not if you like a good conspiracy.  If this is the case, you know the FBI planted them.  

Me. . . I can't believe Trump hasn't been stoned in the public square.  I can't believe he hasn't gotten the Mussolini Treatment.  

Why would he take those nuke papers home?  That's an easy one.  He didn't trust Placeholder Magoo with them.  He was trying to keep this country safe.  By God. . . that Trump is a hero and a saint.  

My republican buddy brings up Clinton and Ted Kennedy now.  They got away with it, he says.  I don't understand your point, I say.  But I do.  He just keeps pointing to the circus monkeys.  I can barely stand it any more.  Yesterday, he sent me an article by Alex Epstein yesterday.  Never heard of him.  He is famous, though, with "a certain crowd."  He convinces people that the Global Warming Models scientists produce can't predict Global Warming.  He is pro-gas.  He tries to show that the world is better for oil, not worse, that fewer people die now from atmospheric events than ever before, etc.  So fuck me. . . I had to look him up.  Credentials?  A bachelor's degree in philosophy.  He was an adjunct professor at the Koch Brothers Cato institute.  Yup.  A professor with a bachelor's degree.  

I sent the info to my pal but didn't hear back.  

This morning I read about another zoonotic virus in China.  Researchers there say this is just the tip of the zoonotic iceberg.  I asked my buddy if his Boy Epstein had figured this into his Global Warming calculations.  If he hasn't, though, I'm sure he will.  

The world is made up of idiots.  I'm just one among them.  I think I'll isolate in the Bat Cave.  I don't feel I have the power to save them any more. 

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