Monday, September 26, 2022

All I Want to Do Is Have Some Fun

I'll be interrupted any minute.  I'm waiting on the a.c. guy.  He is late.  I have a service contract that gets me two cleanings a year, but today's visit will have to include fixing the a.c. in the apartment.  It went out again last night and I could not get it back on no matter what I did.  

And so. . . he's here.  I had him check out the apartment right away.  The capacitor was shot.  He is fixing that now, and when he is done there, he will be here at the house working away.  The tenant will have a.c. again. . . for a little while, perhaps.  Ian is coming.  I told her she just got a head start on all of us for sleeping without a.c. which we may all be doing soon.  

Here is what my home state looks like now. 

I assume they are all buying water.  And chips and M&Ms and batteries.  The photo strikes terror in my heart.  I mean, holy shit, we are an unattractive species.  This is what makes our state, our country, spin?  The photo may have been taken this weekend, but it could be any day.  Nobody works anymore.  Not in the traditional way.  

Most Millennials, I read, want to retire by 50.  I believe most of them have yet to have a job.  

Jesus--I just Googled it.  According to Pew Research, 52% of millennial live with their parents.  I'm just guessing--they plan to live with them until they are 50 and then retire.  

O.K. O.K.  I've become a bitter man.  

My week of lassitude ends today.  Yesterday was gorgeous again, and as has been the case all week long, I did nothing.  I left the house only to go to the grocery store.  I chopped onions and carrots and potatoes and made a Great Northern Bean and Chicken stew to take to my mother's for dinner.  I'd never made this before, so I was nervous.  The result?


I am not a chef by any account, but I am one hell of a cook.  

The rest of the day was spent cooking up old photos with my new technological capacity.  Most of them I can't show here, of course, for many reasons, some of which you will guess and others you might never know.  A few of them were of me as a handsome lad from only a few years ago.  "Holy smokes," I nearly shouted "look at me!  No wonder Ili fell for me!"  

I liked the way my hair was cut in many of them and sent the photos to my beautician.  "I like my hair this way," I wrote, but I was showing off, too.  Yes, of course.  

Some were of kids from the factory.  I got sad about not having that any more.  The crowd looked much better than that hurricane mob.  

Others were like what you see at the top of this post, old street photos.  I also got caught up in looking at the blog, especially all the old film black and white photos from the streets.  Oh, man. . . it added to my "condition."  I used to be so wonderful.  There is a plethora of good photos to see.  I often forget that.  It has inspired me to make a website for my photography that I can pull up on my phone and show people when they want to kick my ass for having a camera.  

"No. . . no. . . really. . . I'm LEGIT!"

I was, anyway.  

Today, I will go back to the gym.  I have been indulging myself too much in opium and cannabis and liquor.  The bottles are always empty, and somehow I have gained a tremendous capacity to stand it all.  That ends today.  Well, it slows today.  It is a matter of aesthetics.  I'm sure that one of those people in the hurricane picture could be me if he was much fatter.  A friend sent me a couple phone photos she took of me a couple days ago.  No, no, no.  How did I let that happen?  

Coffee.  Tea.  Cranberry juice.  You know the drill.  It is an impossible drill that never sticks.  But believe me, I will have to think of something.  

I've been smart to stay away from the public eye.  

I'll pay Mr. Tree this week and get that off my back.  If I don't hear from Mr. Window today, I'll text him to see what's up.  And after the hurricane, whether it comes across my house or not, it is the time of year to get to work.  I have many worker chores that need to be done now that the days are cooler.  

All by way of saying I'm done living with my "condition."  Let's just say I had "a spell."  Now its time to look like the pretty man in those pictures again.  It makes life so much more fun.  

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