Monday, December 12, 2022

Love and Death

Emo update.  I just finished watching the last episode of the 11th season of "Shameless."  Weirdest show ever made, goofy, funny, sad. . . and, of course, profound.  I've been watching it for months now, a show almost every night.  And, of course, tonight, I wept like a child.  Tears, big lips, swollen nose. . . you know  the stupid drill.  You can't believe you are doing it, but you can't stop, either.  Crying over a t.v. show?  But surely you've done it, too, if you have a heart.  

And when I quit sobbing, I went to the computer to tell my friend.  My buddy had sent me a clip from "The Newsroom," another great show that made me a cry baby--a lot.  The clip was a song they sung at a funeral.  Love and Death.  Those are the only two real things in life, aren't they.  Love and Death.  

My mother turns 91 tomorrow.  Cheers to that.  

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